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Marketing online, as we have known it, provides fuzzy benefits, and has a return on investment that nobody expects to measure accurately. But that can change. Hi, we are Get messenger, welcome to our blog and explore cyber world with us.

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What happen in the world ?

Traditional advertising focuses on telling  people intrusively about a product at every possible opportunity, and on trying to stimulate a purchase; Google focuses on helping people find a solution to a problem when they need it most. 

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What’s going on in the world ?

Marketing online and the behind ?

Corporate marketing has to follow the Google ‘search-and-connect’ model instead of the General Motors ‘produce-and-sell’ model. Even today, marketing purists often sneer at social networks  and consumer-generated content, insisting that brand messaging should be defined and conveyed only by marketers.

They undervalue collaborative marketing networks, regarding them as dangerous or subversive. They fervently believe that consumers must be led, child-like, through pre-determined communication paths mapped out and controlled by a central authority. 

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Behind marketing online is the huge process that the audience can not see

They overestimate the power of their influence in a world suddenly flooded with alternate sources  of information and the tools, such as Google and social search networks, for filtering the useful  and credible from the noise and spin. 

However, marketers no longer need to see themselves as guardians of sacred brand dogma, and have to stop seeing consumers as naïve and malleable

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