July 24, 2021

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Online Advertising Tips

Online Advertising secrets that you get surprised!

The world has been change

Online Advertising is growing fast. If you do not catch up fast with the industry, you may lose the trend. Read our article to get the newest update of digital marketing tips & tricks. A successful person is a person who has a suitable tool like Tom & Jerry cartoon. Tom always fails in the battle because Jerry has more efficient tools & strategy. We have four main topics down below.

Privacy And Data Protection

Learn how to protect your data from strangers that secretly track you from the background. Learn more about privacy and social media tricks.

Cryptocurrencies And Financial

Explore the future of the digital economy. Learn cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin before you get cheated.

Online Advertising

Online advertisers who use digital marketing tools get cheated a lot from big companies. Read this section to explore the methods they trick you.

Psychology in Digital Media

Do you know that they manipulate what you see or hear through the Internet? Let’s learn more about psychology.

“Online Advertising case study ”

A customer who had a hotel website visited my office frequently. That smart, middle aged man wanted to show his website on top of the Search Engines when someone searches his brand name, but it never comes up.

I realised that his website has no issue, also it had 90-100% good score on many SEO rank checkers. Even though the client had paid a considerable amount of money to do the SEO, my boss said his website needs more optimization for another couple of months. As the customer agreed with my manager’s soft tone, we got paid to optimise it more and more. But, I was stuck, because we had done our best already. So, I decided to question my boss.

“Sir, why did you tell that man it needs more SEO work? We both know that Search Engine put ads and big commercial brand names on the top before his small business”

My Boss kept his reply short,

“Don’t you want your salary this month?”

Help me to expose more secrets!

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Have you ever wondered why you cannot win with SEO/SMO?

The answer is a bit bitter, but it can change your whole future. The digital marketing industry has changed after the global crisis. Traditional strategies are totally useless as the technology is totally upside down. Read my blog carefully to explore all hidden online secrets that big companies never share to the public!