WhatsApp users switch into Signal

The social media giant, Facebook faces another big crisis with WhatsApp. The company lately announced that they will be monetizing WhatsApp users as they do with Instagram, Messenger and other dozens of Facebook products & services. This caused millions of WhatsApp users to switch in to Signal app, the growing star in the messaging industry. The global crisis is terrible as it affects more than 50% small businesses in the world. There is no doubt that Facebook suffers again after they failed SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. Today, I am going to talk about Signal, and WhatsApp both, and let you decide what to use.

Why WhatsApp users moves away?

WhatsApp was known as a mobile app that keeps end-to-end encryption that protects the users from third-parties. Many big companies use deep tracking mechanisms to identify their users. For example, Google introduced Google Analytics, a JavaScript that silently tracks the user from the background. The data they collect will be processed, or shared with many parties, including advertising agencies. The disaster came to WhatsApp after Facebook bought it for Billions of US Dollars. 

Facebook uses many techniques to spy on their users, this is why Apple currently fights against Facebook to protect Apple users from unwanted tracking processes. To be honest, I was a great user of Facebook before I identified that it slows down my computer/phone badly. All Facebook services that I tried had a lot of technical issues that normal users can never realise. I think now they are suffering from what they have done, check the “FTC Sues Facebook for Illegal Monopolization” for more details.

People understand that WhatsApp will be a huge threat, if Facebook monetizes it. I think Signal, even Telegram, has become popular due to these weaknesses in Facebook management.

Is Signal App Good for us?

I do not think this is a good time to judge any messenger service on the Internet. As Elon Musk recently posted on his social media, he can recommend Signal more than bad services on Facebook. In my personal experience, I understood that Facebook keeps hiding many things from us. Once they got hacked and a lot of user accounts and their data were stolen, but they never informed us. 

From my personal opinion, I said that you should use a small service provider rather than using a big company made apps. The main reason is, popular mobile apps are mostly targeted by hackers due to their complexity of the design. A small developer will make something perfect, so you can comment down the name of the best messenger app you use.

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