4 Secret Ways to Get More YouTube Views

The Secret Methods to Get More YouTube Views

Many of us think about starting a new YouTube channel at some point in our lives. Some of us do start a channel; but when we don’t get views and subscribers even when we put in our best, we get heartbroken and hopeless. 

You may not know, but there are many things you unknowingly do wrong that negatively affect your YouTube views. Plus, there are some easy-to-follow tips that you can leverage to get more views. 

To get you started on the path of YouTube success, here are 4 secret ways you can get more YouTube views

Get more YouTube views

Get more YouTube views tips

Get the basics right

Well, this may not come out as a surprise as everyone says “create quality content to get more views”. Let’s tell you: it’s not all about content. There are other things you need to pay attention to. 

Get the basic right

Get the basic step before you optimise your video

To begin with, you need to make sure your channel art is up-to-date and attractive. It includes your profile picture, your cover photo, your About section, and your descriptions. Get them tailored to your channel’s niche.

Take care of your SEO

Many consider SEO to be a very techy term and neglect it altogether — and that’s a mistake. SEO is crucial for any new channel that already doesn’t have a huge audience. Your new channel needs to have some sort of search engine optimization if you want it to get ranked in the search.  #block

Take care of your video SEO

Take care of your video SEO is a key

Try to find tags and search keywords of famous topics in your niche. Use those tags and keywords in the title, description, and tags section of your videos. 

Leverage your competitor’s metadata

There are many things you can learn from popular channels in your niche, but you can leverage only a few of them. You already know about the “Up next” section of YouTube. When a viewer is watching a video, there are some suggestions for other videos on the right-hand side. These videos are not recommended randomly. They’re based on popular topics related to the current video the person is watching.

Look after your meta data

Look after your meta data is the key

Look up the most popular videos from the top channels in your niche. Learn about the topics they’re talking about. If a video from your competitor raises a new question, try to answer that question in your next video. There’s a chance that your video might, one day, get recommended to people watching the popular question-raising video from the popular channel. 

Use YTuner to get more YouTube views

If you’re wondering how to increase YouTube views in the most budget-friendly and reliable way possible, YTuner is your answer. YTuner is an application that lets you get real, human views for your channel. 

The viewers will also engage with your channel to increase your conversation rate. Moreover, the methods used by YTuner are 100% legitimate and safe for your channel. 



Everyone wants to get YouTube views for free, but only some have the knowledge and tactics to actually achieve that goal. With the tips mentioned above, you can make sure to get a step closer to your YouTube success.

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